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Alliance Pharma Cambodge is the big local company in Cambodia which achieved the inter­national standard of WHO-GSDP, for the storage and distribution of Pharmaceutical...
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Our Company


2001-2008: Alliance Pharma Cambodge was developed as a full scale distributor of Pharmaceutical products to cater the Multinational Companies who were looking for a local business partner  who could help them develop the market for their products.The structure of the Company rapidly expanded to a more professional structure to adapt the business dynamics in Cambodia .Since then,the Company’s significant growth has led to remarkable trust with reputable Principals from countries such as  France, Indonesia,Singapore,Philippines ,Malaysia and Pakistan.

2009-2012:  With rapid business growth, the Company built its distribution center in Phnom Penh for Pharmaceutical and Consumer products. The distribution capabilities of the Company achieved the standard of WHO-GSDP, with a full scale distribution structure for vaccine and cold-chain products.

 Alliance Pharma Cambodge as a company, is known by customers for its quality products, quality service and value-added activities, which promote health and well-being for the people in Cambodia.



vision_aboutTo be the most preferred Marketing and Distribution company in Cambodia for Pharmaceutical and Consumer products that offer superior services for the principals, customers and consumers.






mission_aboutTo serve our principals in providing superior DISTRIBUTION, REACH, AVAILABILITY and PRESENCE of their products to achieve a sustainable business growth.
To live with our values in building and maintaining an excellent reputation of the company and the products to the customers ,patients and consumers.
To value the business and professional relationship with the stakeholders and shareholders of the company.











Always pro-active to sustain business growth

Learning organization to achieve excellence

Loyalty with the company and business partners

Integrity in all that we do with our customers, consumers and company

Adaptability to change swiftly for improvement​

Nurture relationship in our business dealings

Customer Service is our utmost priority

Excellence is our spirit in all that we do


Company Structure