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Alliance Pharma Cambodge is the big local company in Cambodia which achieved the inter­national standard of WHO-GSDP, for the storage and distribution of Pharmaceutical...
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Doing business with us

To our Principal , we offer services that enable your company and your products to achieve the market share objectives you desire through our efficient networking of allied professionals in the field of Healthcare. We have established ourselves as the strongest link in your value chain by providing the best health care services in the Cambodian market. We are more than just a partner of your company’s vision in doing business in Cambodia , a company that understands the culture , an opportunities driven organization and has a long-term partnership vision with the right values.

To our Customer, we loved to listen to and understand your needs, seeking opportunities for each problem you share to us. We share our values in building the business together , and take good care of the relationship and trust we have developed over the years. We want you to be happy of our service as we continue to serve you best.

To our Consumer, we want to work collaboratively with you to find solutions to your wants and needs. We always find the best quality products for your family because our company belief is that we are more than just a partner for your health.