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Alliance Pharma Cambodge is the big local company in Cambodia which achieved the inter­national standard of WHO-GSDP, for the storage and distribution of Pharmaceutical...
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Post on Monday, August 1st, 2016 In


In our endeavor to promote partnership with the medical professionals in Cambodia. ALLIANCE PHARMA CAMBODGE thru Human Earth Development Center (HEDC) international, our training consultant has conducted a comprehensive seminar on the key to personal success and leadership. The seminar titled “OPERACY “ was also the name of the book written and published by Mr. Christopher Lee and is now  very  popular among the top executives in the private and public institutions, the seminar was conducted personally  by the writer itself .

In Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, the seminar was attended by the Medical Doctors, Nurses and midwives . There were 400 medical professionals completed the seminar and very grateful for the knowledge and realization they have gained.